Psalms 147:6

The Lord lifteth up the meek; he casteth the wicked down to the ground.

We thank You O God, for the pleasure You take in humbling the proud and exalting those of low degree.  Keep us from pride.  Let us not be as the wicked, who conduct themselves insolently towards You and scornfully towards all mankind.  Let us not be as those who lift up themselves in pride and folly!  Rather make us further into Your holy image day-by-day as we trust upon Your sanctifying Spirit!
Courtesy of The Blue Letter Bible

This verse and accompanying devotional really spoke to me.  This is a GREAT reminder that even though I am surrounded by fault-finding, pride-filled and scornful people on an every day basis – I, as a daughter of the King, am called to keep my eyes always focused on Jesus Christ and what he did for me on the Cross.  I am to be His Ambassador in this lost and dying world.  My confession however is that I easily loose my way – thank you Lord for always pulling me back on track.  Come quickly Lord Jesus. 


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