Psalm 104:14

He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth. 
The Lord is ever our provider!  Never shall our souls stand in need of any necessity. When God’s child lacks strength in time of trouble, the Lord shall supply it.  When Abraham’s son is beaten down under worldly woe, his heavenly Father shall certainly revive him. When the believer’s soul is parched and dry, then shall the High King of Heaven fill him to overflowing with rivers of living water.
Courtesy of Blue Letter Bible

Jehovah-Jirah - Our Provider



2 thoughts on “Psalm 104:14

  1. Dear Random Thinker – Thanks for stopping at our blog, and thanks for your comment. I came to faith “later in my life,” not having been raised in a Christian home. Along the way – I always thought there was something greater than myself – but had no point of reference. I looked at all the religions – and the new age – and was never very satisfied with their answers. Then I took an honest look at Christ and the Bible. I’ve never been the same since. The manuscript evidence is there – the archeological evidence is there – and most of all the prophesy (and its fulfillment) convinced me. I think it is so important to scrape away the “ritual” and the “religion” and take a good hard look with an open heart. You won’t be disappointed.

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